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What Makes the Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Market So Special?

Economic Growth

DFW’s economy leads on a national and global level with a 2014 GDP of $447B

  • If DFW were a country, it would have the world’s 28th largest economy, greater than the GDPs of Austria ($436B), Iran ($415B) and the United Arab Emirates ($401B)
  • DFW has the second most Fortune 500 Companies headquartered in any U.S. metro, with 21 Fortune 500 Companies calling DFW home
  • DFW is adding 100,000+ more jobs annually across a range of key sectors

Number of Employerd Dallas

DFW employment is at an all time high, with over 400,000 new jobs created since the recession

cash money The nation’s 3rd highest rate of job growth (2015) & 6th best GDP (2014)


Desirability and Affordability 

Incomes are high and growing, while the cost of living is dropping

  • DFW’s median household income of $58,366 grew by 17.3% between 2005 – 2013, higher than that of most U.S. metros, such as LA, Charlotte, Nashville, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Phoenix
  • DFW was one of very few U.S. metros with a regional price parity decrease from 2008 – 2012
  • DFW experiences significantly less crime, unemployment (2.8% in 2015, 1.7% below the national average), and daily driving commute times compared to other metros


Population Growth

DFW’s population has increased 25% since 2000, with 2%+ annual population increases projected through at least 2019


The nation’s 3rd fastest growing city (2014)

dollar sign$67,500
Average DFW salary

diningMore restaurants per capita than any other U.S. metro (2015)


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